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Valentine's Day -ficlet

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Feb. 14th, 2012 | 08:23 pm
posted by: welmunli in sherlock_suomi

Kirjoittaja: welmunli aka meikäläinen
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Tyylilaji: romantiikkaa (?)
Ikäraja: K-7 (?)
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Vastuuvapaus: Vaikka haluaisinkin asian olevan toisin, en omista mitään. Holmes kuuluu ACD:lle, BBC:tä palvomme modernisoinnista. Raha ei ole vaihtanut omistajaa.
A/N: Tekstarien vaihtoa ystävänpäivänä Sherlockin tyyliin.

I’ve a question, John. What’s Valentine’s Day? -SH

You’re kidding me right? -JW

Listen, I may have deleted it. You know what I do to irrelevant information. -SH

For God’s sake… Well, basically it’s meant for lovers/friends to exchange gifts/cards/etc. Why’re you even asking? -JW

Oh, I see, thank you. It’s for research. -SH

Couldn’t you just have looked it up on the internet? Rather than bother me when I actually have work to do. -JW

Very amusing of you to play the ‘I’m at work’ card always when I’ve a question for you. -SH

Like you even care if I am. -JW

Entertaining, that’s what I’m trying to be. Thought you were tired of the whole mundane general practitioner work. -SH

You and your bloody deductions… I like my work. It’s a good balancing for running around chasing criminals with you. -JW

You were complaining only yesterday how dull it is to treat the massive amount of overcautious people who come to consult you because of an ordinary cold. -SH

Yeah, well, I have other patients and diseases too. It’s not all that. Did you buy the milk? -JW

Oh. I was going to, but the experiment concerning aqua regia and human small intestines needed my urgent attention. -SH

I told you ten times, Sherlock, ten! It’s not much to ask for, is it, my dear idiot. Just the bloody milk. And jam, if we’re out of it. -JW

Underlining the word ‘dear’ from your last message, I shall leave you among your undeniably intriguing job, go buy milk for you, and suggest that you read only the first letters of my texts and combine them into the sentence I’m implying to you all the time nowadays. It’s probably unnecessary for me to say that I did in fact remember what Valentine’s Day was. -SH

…I’m speechless. No, seriously, I’d never have guessed. Sherlock Holmes, trying to be romantic. I should put this on my blog. -JW

Oh, I love you too. -JW


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